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The other day, while cruising blogs, (instead of working on my own :)), I stumbled upon an amazing, and free, resource…

And I of course, have to share it with you!

It is a series of You Tube videos, and if you are interested at all in learning more about foraging for wild edibles, Sergei Boutenko is your man!

sergei boutenko

photo credit: sergeiboutenko.com

He hails from Oregon in the U-S of A, but has traveled worldwide pursuing wild edibles.  He has made a 4 part series on You Tube and his videos are the best I’ve seen.  He is confident that even though he is an Oregonian, the plants, (otherwise known as weeds), he discusses can be found nationwide, if not worldwide.

There are many reasons to forage for food. Be it because you want to supplement you and your family’s diets with free and nutritious food, or because you want to become more self-sufficient and take charge of your local food shed. Or simply because you like being outdoors, and finding food while you’re at it seems cool. Foraging for your supper is an ancient practice; an art form.  It is practical knowledge to have at home and in survival situations, for enthusiasts, experts, and everyone in between.

Foraging and wildcrafting is something I personally want to know more about so I can teach my child, in hopes that she can teach her children and we can help to perpetuate the ancient wisdom.  What a great legacy to leave… 

mama and baby wildcrafting I honor an appreciate the work Sergei does, and I am excited to share his knowledge with you today.  You can also check out his blog for more info.  He has a book coming out this summer, and also has some helpful phone apps available as well.  His “Wild Edibles” series is  48 minutes long and in 4 parts on You Tube.  He deftly describes each of the 23 plants that he showcases, and is a great resource for anyone curious about wild crafting or those needing more info.  His passion for wild foods shines through his work.



Fast Tube by Casper


Fast Tube by Casper


Fast Tube by Casper


Fast Tube by Casper

Isn’t You Tube great!?  DH and I use it constantly.  Over the years we have self-taught ourselves how to weld, knit, work with various herbs, format a PC, start tomatoes, start a business, troubleshoot car problems, fix a lawn mower, etc, etc.  For us, it is a mini-university!

What types of things have you learned from You Tube, (other than Sergei’s videos :)), and what do you hope to discover?

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With any plant you are unfamiliar with, use cation when working with it or eating it.  Be more than 100% certain before you ingest the plant, and do so at your own risk. 

Utilize your state Extension Office, and have them look through your wild finds.  Sign up for a plant walk, or go wildcrafting with an experienced friend.  Be careful.  Have fun 🙂

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  1. Very cool. I took a great plant ID course at a community college last winter, but I am still a little wary of my skills. If I were stranded in a remote place… I may or may not make it out alive. 😉 Guess I should practice more and watch these tutorials again and again! There is a great restaurant in Georgetown (south Seattle) where the chefs utilize plants that are in season in their recipes (foraged, organically farmed, out of their garden, ect.) Our friends had their wedding there and the food was soooo good. It’s pricey, but if you’re ever in the area, you should check it out and want to splurge, you should check it out, Jer! http://www.thecorsonbuilding.com/about/index.php

  2. If it will be edible and safe for people to eat the plants he suggested then it is good. It is because people could be able to find something resourceful to eat aside from the usual diet they have. I just hope that many people could be able to watch it so that it could help people to eliminate starvation especially in Africa or other countries.

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