What does SUSTAIN mean?  To provide sustenance?  To maintain?  Does it come with responsibility or is it a rash election?  Is it easy or fun?  Does it carry emotion? 

To me, sustaining is one of the main tenets of my life.  It is not an option; it is an involuntary response.  There are many aspects in life that need sustaining:  If you don’t sustain your house, it will fall apart.  If you don’t sustain your bank account–  you will become destitute.  If you neglect your love– you will be alone and cold. If you don’t nurture your  friends,–they will all float away… And the earth…well; where then shall you live?

To sustain is to give a crap about yourself and your actions.  It means cleaning up after yourself, (in more than just the kitchen), turning out the lights, (for reasons other than your power bill), and giving thought to what comes after and what came before in the space that you currently occupy on this earth.  The breaths that you take; and the thoughts in between.

We all want to be sustained.  We are all sustainers.

We have simple actions with complex consequences.

Speak your mind! But, be kind :)