Procession of the Species Parade

I’d like to share something with you that is very near and dear to my heart.

Procession Group

It is a place of peace and love, worship and reverence, of science, nature and art.  It is an event that brings a town together through the creation of art, dance, magic and love of all things beautiful and wonderful.  A celebration of diversity and the natural bounty of the earth, a lovely ‘pomp and circumstance’ of all species.  It is an event where I let my “Freak Flag” fly.  🙂  A place where I find my “flow.”

I share with you the 2013 Procession of the Species!

The mission of the Procession, as described by its founder, Eli Sterling is:

Procession Eli

Thanks, Eli!

The intention of the Procession is to elevate the dignity of the human spirit by enhancing the cultural exchange between communities and he natural world; and to advance that exchange through the languages of art, music and dance.”

Procession Giraffe

Excellent job, Jerry. Excellent!

This year was the 19th annual Procession of the Species, and it has been my great pleasure to have been a participant for the past nine years…or has it been 10?  I’ve lost count…

Each year community members spend hundreds of hours making large scale creations, batiking, making personal costumes, practicing dance choreography or rehearsing with their bands.  There are two community art studios open for weeks before the parade where you can create something special, learn a new craft, help others with your skills or work on a large scale project. The creativity that surrounds this special time in the spring is unlimited!

Two years ago, DH and I went down the art studio to batik and that is where we made a friend who introduced us to bee-keeping.  You never know what will come of the time you spend out among your community, and increasingly we have realized the hidden blessings that come with those experiences.

The rules of the parade are simple:  No live animals, no written or spoken words, and no motorized vehicles or creations.  The Procession is organized by the elements, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.  There are various bands and dancers spread throughout, and the community lines the parades lengthy route in a thick throng…rain or shine, because this is Washington, after all…

The highlights of the parade this year for me were that it was Sweet Baby’s first time in the parade out of utero, and the plastic bag Whale Project, and the AMAZING Giraffe!

Without further adieu, I present to you the 2013

Procession of the Species

Procession 2013

Procession Flamingoes

These stilt-walking young girls were inspiring!

  Procession Winged


Samba OLYWA Dancers!  My next year's goal :)

Samba OLYWA Dancers! My next year’s goal 🙂

Procession Bag Whale Procession Dandelion And, here’s the best part…

Procession Mama and Baby I look forward to this event every year!  It is a place where I find peace, joy and love; important virtues in a harried world.

I prioritize silliness, happiness, blissfulness, togetherness, healthfulness, joyfulness, peacefulness, and LOVE.

And, don’t forget the magic…

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  1. Great pics! I love your re-cap of a very special day indeed. It is truly Olympia’s event. Many other communities have followed our lead. Pretty cool!

  2. aww, love the pics! thank you! POTS was hands-down one of my favorite things to do when i lived in olympia. and the samba olywa dancers! i forgot about those! hubby and i moved to vermont from oly in 2001, and we still miss it. the farmers market, the japanese garden, the art galleries, the breweries, the Sound, the tall trees, the lushness, even the drizzle! and guess what — Dancing Goat coffee beans are available here in select places! isn’t that a trip?! thank you for reminding me of good times. take care!

  3. Oh my gosh, this looks so amazing!! I will definitely be putting this on my calendar for next year. Thanks for sharing your beautiful slice of life. 🙂

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