One-Minute Mayonnaise

There are two clear winners in this one-minute mayonnaise:  Avocado oil and an immersion blender.

Seriously, this is the easiest, fastest, and one of the most healthy homemade mayo recipes out there.  Trust me.  I’ve checked.

  • No warming ingredients to room temperature
  • No slowly drizzling things together
  • No ‘breaking it’
  • No mumbo-jumbo, hocus-pocus, magic-wand stuff

One Minute Mayo--800

Nope.  Just mayo.

Since we raise our own hens and are gifted their glorious eggs, it was nearly criminal to not come up with a mayo recipe that works for our family.  I dress it up, dress it down, but the method is always the same:

Huck the ingredients in as fast as I can and watch my “wand,” (OK, I lied–there is a magic wand), do the rest.  You’ll need a stick blender/immersion blender for this recipe.  If you’ve not got one, I can’t help you make this recipe another way because, well, I don’t know how.

I use avocado oil because it is light, full of healthy fats, and does not impart a strong flavor.
DO NOT USE OLIVE OIL IN IT’S STEAD.  I’ve warned you, and you’ll be sorry.  It’s so bitter, and so gross.  If you’re not familiar with avocado oil, it’s a kind of amazing!  I use it in any recipe calling for vegetable oil.  It is also a superb choice for high-heat cooking–up to 500 degrees F!  In addition to it’s culinary successes, I do slather it regularly upon my body and use it in salves, etc.

Here’s the one I use.  It is cold-pressed, naturally refined, and non-GMO.  (**Hint, Costco carries this too!)

One-Minute Mayonnaise:

*I like to use a course ground, spicy mustard, as you can see from the photo 🙂

For easy clean-up, use a jar that your stick blender can fit into.  I almost always double this recipe.  For me, this recipe keeps for about two weeks in the fridge, and I trust that because my eggs are fresh.  If you’re using store-bought eggs, make only what you can use in a few days.

Combine all ingredients in your jar and blend for about 30 seconds.  Watch the magic happen.  So, OK, I lied again.  There is magic in here…



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