Make Your Own: “Bugless Bar” Solid Lotion

The weather has been looking up around these parts, and this time of year we move outside.  Summer in the PNW is a glorious time, but it is fleeting, so we spend as much time as we can out of doors.

That being said, a good insect repellent is in order, and I don’t mean one with DEET…

DEET, (chemical name, N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) is classified as a pesticide and according to the EPA is *only* a Category III, being “slightly toxic.”

No thanks.  You can keep your “probably safe in moderation” toxic chemicals to yourself.  I can make a safe-for-the-whole-family bug repellent that is super moisturizing, smells delightful, and is an authority on insect repelling.  With just a few ingredients and an essential oil arsenal, I created a solid lotion bar that acts tough, yet softens.  🙂

The recipe is simple:  equal parts of coconut oil, nut butter and beeswax.  I used a half-ounce of each and poured it all into one cup of my silicone muffin pan, and the result was one sweet little travel bar, that fit perfectly into my tin 🙂  (Why can’t life always be that easy?)

Solid Lotion Bar1

“Bugless Bar” Solid Lotion

      • 0.5 ounce coconut oil
      • 0.5 ounce shea butter
      • 0.5 ounce beeswax
      • 1/2 teaspoon (or 40-60 drops) essential oils*

For this Bugless Bar, I used:

*Use any combination of bug repelling oils you have on hand.

In a small double boiler, I used a mason jar in a pot of water, melt the beeswax and coconut oil.  Then melt the shea butter.  I usually try to melt my shea butter last, for she is a fickle one.  Remove from heat and pour into your silicone mold.  Allow to cool just slightly before stirring in your essential oils.  (I waited a bit too long here–matter of minutes– and almost was unable to stir in the oils because the bar had started to set up.  It worked out fine, but you’ve been warned 🙂

The impatient part of me put this in the fridge to cool, and when it was thoroughly cooled, popped it out of the mold and rubbed it on!

Bugs, I defy you.

Not up for another DIY?  Let Sheaberry send you one of their dreamy solid lotion bars– FOR FREE!

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Sheaberry makes natural, organic solid lotion bars out of Denver, Colorado.  Kate from Sheaberry found that “…there was a serious need for natural, organic skin products that were effective in the dry climate.” Sheaberry prides themselves in using the highest quality butters and oils, and stands behind their products proven effectiveness.

I can attest that that statement is true!  In May, Kate sent me some of her solid lotion bars to try and I am in LOVE with them!  They are super moisturizing and smell amazing!  My favorite is the Acai Berry 🙂 There is a similar amount of scent that you would find in a scented lotion.  Not too over-powering, but scented enough to smell like a perfume when applied.  Don’t worry; if perfume’s not your thing, Kate has unscented options as well.  🙂  I really like the travel tin size, and I carry it around in my purse.  In a pinch, I have used the solid lotion as deodorant and lip balm.  (It actually worked great as a deodorant!)

If you are interested in a solid lotion bar, but aren’t up for making one yourself , let Kate send you one of hers to try.  Although she doesn’t have a bug repelling option, (if you want ultimate bug protection you’ll have to make one following the recipe above), she does offer a lavender bar which should help you out a bite, err, I mean bit…

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  1. Thanks so much for your site and all the info you share with us. I’ve only been on for a short time, but I’ve learned so much. I would love to win one of the Sheaberry lotion bars — lavender would be heavenly!!! I don’t have Facebook and don’t plan on getting into it, so I know my chances are limited, but still hoping I win one. Thanks again.

  2. Can’t wait to try this. Would Whole Foods have the bug repellant oil?

  3. Is the recipe for the “buzz off” bar gluten free ? Thanks for your help on this ! Susan

    • I think so??? I can’t think of any of the ingredients having gluten, but, I am no expert, so If you are highly sensitive, please do your own research! I would hate for you to get sick!

  4. Having just survived cancer I am very interested in wholesome earthly blessings. Thanks for the opportunities. Appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share these things with folks like me……

  5. I just happen to stumbled onto your blog and couldn’t believe my luck! I wanted to make a ‘Buzz Off’ bar and thanks to you, I can! Even more cool is your sweet Giveaway. I visited Sheaberry’s website and I would love to try the Cucumber melon lotion bar, as I have sensitive and dry skin and have a love for both cucumber and melon! Thank you for this opportunity ~ you’re AWESOME!

  6. I would like to try the vitamin C boost or the melon. I love lavender, but my family is so sick of the scent (yes, I used it all the time).

  7. I would love to wine the almond buttercreme bar. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. My husband is allergic to coconut. What can I use in it’s place?

    • Hi Malisa,

      You could substitute any kind of oil you’d like, but you’d probably want to increase your beeswax and/or butter just a little though since coconut oil is pretty solid at room temp. I’m not sure exactly on what to advise you, as I’ve only made it with coconut oil. I’m guessing it contributes somewhat to the hardness of the bar. Try it and report back 🙂

  9. i’d love a freebie and ty so much for the awesome recipe. i will be sharing on my blog and in my groups. more exposure for you!

  10. I, I’m from Québec, Canada, and I’m not very good in English, so my question is “do you use this bar like a soap or just rub on the skin and let it on”?


  11. I am going to find all of this recipe and make some for my hubby, myself and share with anyone who comes by in the evening and need some bugless wonder!

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  13. I would like to make the bug lotion bar but can’t use tea tree… Is there something I can substitute?

  14. When you add the oils to the bars already in the muffin tin, do you mean you add 1/2 a teaspoon of the mix of oils on each bar?
    or is it 1/2 a teaspoon of the mix divided into the tins?

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