Holiday Footprint Crafts

The holidays are such a busy time of year! It’s important to me to make sure I take time out to make a special craft with the kiddos, no matter how busy and hectic things get.  I usually try for an ornament, but this year since it is our first Christmas as a family of four, I wanted a craft that included both of the kiddos’  prints.  Since getting a hand print (in paint or ink) from the baby is near impossible right now, I opted for a footprint.

Also, in carrying on a tradition I started with Sweet Baby the First, (oh the standards we set for ourselves when we were first -timers!), I also had to create Sweet Baby the Second’s ‘First Christmas Ornament.’

These crafts were pretty quick to put together, but, if you’re not well stocked, you’ll need a trip to the craft store or a visit to Amazon.

My supplies include:

  • Paint pens
  • Sparkly acrylic paint
  • Tempura paint
  • Paint canvas
  • Large, clear glass, round globe ornament
  • Ribbon
  • Paint Brushes

It’s likely that much of this can be gathered from your house already, but if you need a few craft supplies click here.

Get creative !  I’m sharing these crafts as ideas for you to make them your own.  And, if you’re not up for it, well, there’s always Pinterest!  I’ve got tons of great pins ready to go. You can follow me on Pinterest here:

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

I painted Sweet baby’s foot  and stamped it onto some pretty paper and allowed to dry.  Next, I cut it out and slightly rolled it to slip it into the clear glass ornament.  I used the end of my paintbrush to position the footprint.  I wrote sentimental stuff on the outside of the ornament, attached a ribbon, and hung that little treasure from the tree!



baby's-first-ornament-craft baby's-first-ornament

Holiday Footprint Craft

Mistletoes!  Pretty cute, huh!  Inspired by a Pinterest pin, I  used the left foot of one kiddo, and the right foot of another to create the ‘mistletoes.’  I painted their feet with a paint brush and pressed them onto a canvas.  I painted the ribbon and the decorative gold circles by hand, and wrote the lettering with a paint pen.  It was super easy–minus the foot printing; and I made extras for the grandparents (who probably don’t read this,–so I’m safe!)  🙂

Mistletoes For another quick and easy ornament idea, check out this post from last year.

Happy crafting!

Wishing you Peace, Love, Abundance and Rest in the Coming Year,

     Sustain,Create and Flow

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