Easy, No-Sew Up-Cycled Wool Cozies

wool_cozies The other day, I was running behind for an appointment that I really wanted to take a mug of tea to.  I had made my tea in a mason jar, and it was still too crazy hot to carry. Crap.  I have to leave RIGHT NOW.

So, I grabbed a cozy sock from my drawer, slipped it on my cup, and boom; like lightening.  I’m gone…

I don’t know if you know this, but I HATE to throw things away.  No, I’m not a hoarder.  Just a crazy re-user, recycler, upcycler, thrift-freak.

tea_cup_cozy I had 3 wool socks with holes in the heels laying on the back of my couch for weeks, staring me in the face until I could find their purpose.  After my recent tea/time incident, it hit me.  Boom!  (Nope, just kidding, I already said that).  It occurred to me, that these socks with just a few snips could easily become awesome upcycled wool cozies for any mug or cup!

Upcycled Wool Cozies

I first made a straight cut below the ankle portion of the sock, and then another straight cut above the ankle portion of the sock, essentially cutting out the heel/ankle portion of the sock and discarding it.  I was left with two tubes.  Depending on where the hole in my sock was, the tubes were various sizes.

DIY_wool_cozies I had 6 tubes now to work with.  Some tubes with the toes of the sock still intact, I left as is.  So that gave me a cozy with a bonus coaster 🙂

Other tubes I left as is. There was no toe portion and they just slide right up a jar or glass.

The last tubes I wanted to fit on a handled mug.  I pressed the tube flat and made a small incision on the right side (for no reason other than that I’m right handed), and cut a small slit in the center of the tube running up and down.  I left space at top and bottom of the tube to keep it intact on that side.  I just wanted a small hole for the handle to slip through.

So easy!  No sewing.  Just a few snips, and done.  I love these.  I feel like my tea cup has donned some sweet leg warmers and is headed to a yoga class.

I recently published a great recipe for a Calming Herbal Tea.  Click Here for something yummy to fill your cozy mug with!

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  1. Fun! I made some with the tops of wool socks for holiday gifts in 2013. This is an even better upcycle idea.

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