DIY: Redneck Wine Glass

I’m sure you’ve seen them around, the envy of every party; unique stemware coveted by the uber-classy, and the uber-redneck. 

Redneck Wine Glasses Aside from my shameless love of wine, I think the runner-up recipient of my shameless love would definitely be mason jars!  Combine the two and I’m in hog heaven!  (Hog heaven?  Ya… I dunno, but it sounds like a fun place).

Although my love runs deep for all things mason, these little beauties retail for $10-15, (Amazon has a lower price), which I find HARD to pony up the cash for considering how ridiculously cheap and easy to make these are.

However, my hat is off to the genius who invented these.

Absolutely brilliant.  And, if you use the lid, you can party hardy, and never spill a drop!  My kind of glass.  He he he 🙂

Redneck glass supplies

Gather Your Materials:

  • mason jars or decorative jars of choice (Note: the jar must have a flat bottom)
  • Epoxy
  • Emery cloth, medium grit (sandpaper will work just fine)
  • Glass candlesticks, (of the Dollar Store variety)

First, take your emery cloth or sand paper and rough up the surface of the candlestick and of the bottom of the glass.  You’re doing this to create tiny fissures that the epoxy can seep into making it adhere better.


Next, prepare the epoxy.  I recommend the self-mixing kind. I got mine at my local home improvement store.  Follow the directions on the back of the package to attach the applicator tip to begin using the epoxy.  It has a special tip that mixes each component of the epoxy as you squirt it.  It’s pretty nifty 🙂


Squirt the epoxy (generously) on the top lip of the candlestick and stick it onto the bottom of your overturned jar.  In the photo, see the jar on the right.  My epoxy was quick-set, so I had to accomplish this step in less than 4 minutes.  I think it took me 45 seconds–or less.  I also did a thin application around the area where the glass and candlestick come together.  Probably not necessary, but I’m crazy like that…


It’s hard to escape “the supervisor’s” eye! 🙂


Leave the “wine glasses” overturned to cure according to package directions.  I then allowed it to further set up overnight before use.

Remember: Hand-made = Hand-wash!

If you hurry, you might be able to pull these off before the holiday parties this weekend.  All of your friends will be jealous 😉  If you aren’t much of a boozer, these would still be great on your party table holding hummus,  ranch dip, or nuts, etc.  There are many creative ways to decorate with these.  I was thinking they’d be cute in my bathroom, holding cotton balls, q-tips and the like.

What ways would you use these?  Share it with us in the comments below!

Coming Soon: 

I am partnering with Scatter Creek Winery, in Tenino, WA  and will have these “Redneck” wine glasses available for you to purchase!  If you are ever in the area, Scatter Creek is a not-to-be-missed small, boutique winery located in the quaint little country town of Tenino.  (Home of the first “Meeker Marker“).

Stop in and sample their wines, (DH and I have tried them all, they’re excellent), and git yerself a wine glass or two.  You’d be supporting two small businesses.  🙂

**I’ve got a fantastic idea on how to make these very unique, but you’ll have to check back later for another post on that.  Stay tuned…

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  1. I’m looking for suggestions for different ways to use the wine glasses , any ideas ? I definitely love my wine but I like different & unique ideas .

  2. I have made them and they are great but they cannot sit in dishwater. Wash them quickly.

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