DIY Mason Jar Dispenser

DSCF1504 If you haven’t already figured by now, I love everything mason jar!  We use them for drinking glasses, wine glasses, storage containers, cookie cutters and crafts.  Aside from canning,  we employ them as dispensers, and as a vessel to mix hot liquids, particularly when I make dish soap or baby-butt wipe solution.

They are so useful around our house, that I covet them.

When I give canned goods or honey to friends, I kindly ask for my jars back.  My favorites are antique mason’s, (anchor hocking), and over-sized mason’s for food storage like pastas, beans and oats.  The over-sized also make great homes for homemade kombucha!

If you have a mason, a quart or pint will do, a jar lid and ring, an old pump, a hammer and something sharp, and a bottle opener, you can hammer this out in no time.  (Pun intended).

First, attach the lid and ring to the jar and pierce with something sharp.  My method was to hammer on a small Phillips-head screwdriver.  Next, enlarge the hole with the pointy end of a bottle-opener.



I press it down into the initial hole and twist gently.  If you run into trouble, it helps to pierce a second hole very nearby and that should help to enlarge your hole for your pump.  Take care not to make the hole too wide, you want your pump to fit down into the hole tightly.



Once you get the hole completed for your pump, drop it down in and you may have to trim the tube of the pump if it is too long for your jar.  A box knife or heavy duty sheers will do fine.  The underside of the lid will be sharp, and the edges can be pressed down with the rounded edge of your bottle-opener or flattened with your hammer.

On my first attempt at this, I placed the hole in the center of the jar lid, for aesthetic reasons, but soon realized that wasn’t the best design.  Every time I pressed the pump, the liquid sprayed out onto the jar lid and not onto my intended target.  🙁

My revised design places the hole at the edge of the lid, to give the liquid a chance to clear the top of the dispenser.  Genius!


When we wanted to start making our own dish soap, we needed something to store it in.  This dispenser works great for us because our dish soap recipe uses very hot or boiling water, and I save time by mixing it all right there in the dispenser.

Perhaps I should share that recipe?


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