Create More = Spend Less


What does it mean to you?  In our modern world, the things we create for ourselves may be few and occasional.  Most would rather make purchases which might be viewed as “investments,”  but regrettably fail to invest in their time.

In creating, there is a delicate balance between input and output.  What we “make”  can almost always be traced back to money:

I made X amount of dollars and since I spent my time working I bought these items.


I made X amount of dollars and since I did not spend all of my time working, I made these items for myself and my family.  I was able to invest my money that I earned into things that I made.  In turn, I made an investment in my time.


Life is not always this polar.  But in order to understand the gray spaces between this very black and white view, I had to take a hard look at my lifestyle, my priorities and my “investments.”

I wanted to live a more fulfilling, simple, frugal, sustainable and rewarding life.  I didn’t want to slave for someone else.  By eliminating unnecessary purchases and payments; and purging the “stuff”  from my life I was able to spend less, work less, save more, create more, and have more time for myself and my family.

Once I realized what our family was capable of we started to create all sorts of things–together!

    • A larger, more productive garden that we can use to put up our own food.
    • A clothesline
    • A living hedgerow in our front yard
    • A fence
    • Soap
    • A cork board made from the corks of very much appreciated bottles of wine.
    • Homemade popsicles, lemonade, juice, hot cocoas, root beer, beer, wine, medicinal syrups…the list is exhaustive!
    • A medicine cabinet of medicinal herbs that I grew, wild crafted (and thoughtfully purchased) for teas, tinctures, syrups, and glycerites.
    • My own perfume, deodorant, and refreshing spritzers.
    • Air freshener
    • Dryer sachets
    • Laundry soap, dish soap, and soft scrub
    • Infused vinegars, oils and honey
    • An apiary
    • Healing salves and lip balms
    • Etched glass drinking cups from old wine bottles

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com
I assure you, we are average people with jobs, a mortgage, a baby and 3 pets. But, we still found the time to create these simple things with no previous skill-set other than the ability to operate You-Tube, Pinterest, and Instructables.  Save, a love affair with Google as well!

What we create is important to us, and though I know it may not be for everyone, anyone can appreciate the concept.  How you spend your time and money all contributes to your legacy you leave behind.  At the end of the day I want to say I tried.

I tried to make a difference…    I tried to make it right…
I tried to make time…

I created my “life” and the things in it  with purpose and intention.  That is MY legacy.

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  1. You truly inspire me to make my world better, even if it is just my little corner, because we can each make a difference. Plus homemade stuff is the best! Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Thanks, Jaimie 🙂 Check back for a 5 part, (I think), series on making frugality accessible.

    • Thanks, Katie. That was a good read! I hate reading statistics about wasted food in the US. Gets me totally incensed every time! I applaud the efforts of that family and love a good protest…always have 🙂

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