Meet Jerica


Namaste.  I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a Green Mama.

Green in a healthy, sustainable, frugal by choice, non-gmo, intentional, grow-yer-own kind of mama. I’m green in a way that makes me feel fresh, vibrant and strong. But also green in a “crunchy” way that makes me feel responsible, respectful and connected to nature as I carefully nurture her resources.

I aim to sustain life’s resources, create my own products (and happiness), and flow with the rhythms of the earth, society and my family—all at once.  I hope to share my thoughts and ideas with like-minded folks, but, more importantly to be an accessible resource for those who are interested in making intentional changes in the way they live.  Whether the goal is to be more sustainable, more frugal, more creative, more happy, or all of the above, I hope you will find the community you are looking for here; at Sustain, Create and Flow.

We are Do-It-Yerselfer’s here at home, what we affectionately refer to as the the “P Patch.”  We are a garden growin,’ homemade-is-better type family that seeks to create an urban homestead that is as self-sufficient as possible while remaining practical among the rigors of city-life.  Easy enough, eh?

Not everything I aim to do is possible–presently…  Like quit my life, pack up my family, and head for the nearest tiny house where we play the banjo on the tiny porch as a family for 4 hours per day.  But, there are things– triumphs; that I can and do manage daily and I hope with all of my heart that my sweet children will take notice and cherish a few of these ideals and pass them on to their sweet families someday.  I aim to set a good example as a mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter and citizen of the world and I will share my ideas freely and my stumbles… well… accidentally.

Thanks for coming to visit 🙂



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  1. Just happened upon your site….love it! I’m also a green mama to a baby girl. Trying to do the best I can making homemade products while leaving little impact on the earth.
    Keep up the great work…love your ideas!

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  5. Just finished making your homemade dish soap. Love it! I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog via Pinterest! I feel like I’ve met a kindred soul :). I’m a little challenged to be sustainable and frugal as my husband and I are full-time travellers (no garden and no pantry storage) but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! Kat with

    • Kat! I’m so glad you made it my way 🙂 I’m headed your way soon! I love that you travel full time. That’s a dream of mine for sure. I bet you are in your own category of frugal and quite inventive. I would miss gardening for sure, but, ah, the markets you get to frequent! There’s always a trade off, eh?

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